Looking to enjoy a day out at the Channel Islands with your own personal guide? Want to improve a few skills in the process? All of our guides are instructors. Includes boat trip and instructor guide, rental gear available if needed.  

          Boat Spots cost $125-150 per diver depending on day of the week and boat.

          Private Guide - $250 for the 1st diver / $125 each additional diver - includes instructor guide & gear.

                                You must also purchase a spot on the boat - our guides do not work for the boat and

                                need a spot on the boat to dive with you and your group. 


Always wanted to go beach diving but weren't sure where, when or how?  Do you have a few hours to enjoy the underwater world?  Beach diving offers numerous benefits and we can give you a safe enjoyable experience.   Choose from many Southern California beach locations. 

          Private Guide - $250 for the 1st diver / $125 each additional diver - includes instructor guide & gear.


Includes a refresher course prior to your trip and instructor guide during your trip. Available for individuals or a group of divers needing some extra assistance or instruction during a trip. Price based on individual needs and length of trip, call for more information.

WANT TO GO DIVING ?  WE CAN ARRANGE something for everyone

Diving California's beautiful Channel Islands, kelp forests or local beaches - we can offer you everything you would want to see while wearing a wetsuit.  Visiting California - let's go diving!  All inclusive boat trips to the Channel Islands or a half day adventure at a local beach.  Contact us and let us take care of all the details.  See the latest videos from our underwater adventures - click here.  We guarantee your experience will be safe and FUN!  "Like" us on Facebook and check out more pictures and videos from our underwater adventures.

A couple things to keep in mind when planning to dive in California.  1)  Unlike most warm water dive destinations, the local boat trips here are all day affairs and normally only run on Friday, Saturday & Sunday.

​2)  The dive master on the boat does NOT enter the water and tour people around - that's why we offer instructor guides - we provide pictures/video of your outing and you can rest easy enjoying your dive without worrying about navigating back to the boat or finding a qualified dive buddy aboard the boat.

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